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Did You Get Invited For A Day On The Water? Here Are Some Tips On Being The Perfect Guest

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Etiquette For Wakesurfing With Friends 

It’s summertime and the invites from friends to go ride are going to start coming in and you will likely be stoked to go wakesurfing for the first time. Chances are your friend is pumped to have you come out and go riding. That said, there are a few things you should know before you get on-board and leave all your cares at the dock. After all, if you show your respect and awareness, you’re far more likely to get invited back the next time your friend decides to hit the lake.

  • Offer Up Some Gas Money: “The boat runs on gas, not Thanks…” We’ve all heard someone use that tired phrase, but it’s true. Gas is expensive. So sometime during your day out on the water, make sure and hand your friend some cash. Depending on how long you guys are on the water, $10 or $20 will positively show your appreciation and you will most likely get the call next time they’re heading out.
  • Do NOT Invite Others Without Permission: Have you been invited to go riding on your friend’s boat this summer? Great! While you’re welcome to share with others how excited you are, it’s not cool to invite others along unless you were given explicit permission from your friend that it’s OK.
  • Bring Your Own Life Jacket: Often times the boat owner will have enough life jackets on-board, but you shouldn’t always expect them to. If you plan to start spending any amount of time on the water, a good quality life jacket is a worthy investment. Not to mention, you could get a ticketed for not having one, which doesn’t bode well for getting you invited back.
  • Bring Your Own Towel: While a lot of boaters do bring extra towels for guests, you cannot count on it. It’s a really good idea to bring your own towel so you don’t have to sit around waiting to air dry, and you can help keep the upholstery from getting too wet where you’re sitting.
  • Bring Your Own Snacks: You will get hungry out on the water, plain and simple. From the hot sun to your level of activity, water and munchies are a must. Don’t plan on mooching off your friends for food and drinks. Always be sure to pack your own cooler with snacks and drinks, and yes this includes bringing your own beer.
  • Don’t Smoke: Boating is one instance where you’ll need to leave your habit at the dock. The modern surf boat is no small investment and a cigarette burn in the upholstery is not only likely to get you uninvited, but it might get you dropped off at the dock early.
  • Don’t Hog Ride Time: Whether there’s 3 people on the boat, or ten, you don’t want to be the one that spends longer on the water than anyone else. If you’re not sure what an acceptable time behind the boat is, just ask. Speak with your friend beforehand or let a few others go before you and you’ll figure it out.
  • Be On Time: Did your friend say to be at the dock at 8:30? Be sure you arrive around 8:15. That way they won’t be waiting on you, it will give you a chance to offer help launching the boat, etc.
  • Help Wipe the Boat Down: Often guests will thank their friend for a fun day but will take off after that. Go the extra mile and ask your friend if they could use some help wiping down their boat, inside and out. Not only will you practically guarantee yourself an invitation back, you’ll score some big brownie points for future adventures on the water.

Just because it’s your first time at the lake with your friends doesn’t mean you need to act like a noob. Using the tips above, make sure you respect your friend, their friends, their boat, and everyone’s time. No doubt you’ll become a regular for on the water fun.

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