Choosing Lifeform LED lights for my boat?

The LIFEFORM 20 and  LIFEFORM 9 underwater LED boat lights (non salt water use) are designed for trailered boats - wake boats, bass boats and other inshore vessels that are in and out of the fresh water often.

What are your most popular LED colors?

In general, blue is our top selling light. However, our LIFEFORM 20 & 9 green lights are now becoming very popular.  Fishermen tend to gravitate towards the green LED lights, often stating that they attract bait fish at night. See this article about LED fishing lights. The white LED's are best for producing the brightest light output. In the end it all comes down to personal preference!

Can I wire the LED lights myself?

In general for most boating applications you can, by installing a fuse and single pole toggle switch to control your LED Lights.  However, on some of the newer Ski boats with Touch Screen Panels, caution has to be applied.  The newer boats use PDM (Power distribution modules) that communicate with the boat's touch panel via a communication link.  In order to control the LED lights via the touch panel (or aux switch), an auxiliary relay has to be installed to provide full power to our LIFEFORM LED lights, due to the PWM power output frequency of these PDM modules. Then the relay can safely be controlled from the PDM output. This will allow the lights to draw the full power they need to operate correctly, and operate at 100% light output. For a wiring reference guide, see our Resource Page.

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes indeed!  We design, manufacture, and assemble all of our underwater LED boat lights here in the United States. We believe in providing a very high quality product to our end user. 

What separates LIFEFORM LED from its competitors?

Aesthetics/Light Output: Our underwater LED boat lights generate more lumens (light) per dollar than the competition. The LIFEFORM 20 produces over 6,400 lumens which is the brightest underwater LED light on the market! The LIFEFORM 9 produces an output of 2,637 lumens.

Durability: All LIFEFORM LED underwater boat lights are made with strong tempered glass housed in a high grade anodized aluminum body construction. The light’s glass lenses are impact resistant, easily cleaned, 100% waterproof.


What is the best color for underwater lighting?

Blue and green have the shortest wavelength, which means that they will penetrate further through the water. Also, the human eye is more sensitive to blue and green colors, which will make the lights look brighter.

For people boating in clear waters, white is a good choice as it will enhance the naturally beauty of the water beneath your boat.

Blue lights work great in slightly murkier waters (Florida coast) due to the increased penetration.

Green LED's are great for attracting bait fish and provide the best penetration in fresh water. People boating in waters that are very murky tend to go with green or blue lights.

The soft start sequence not only looks very appealing, but it also utilizes a proprietary algorithm that constantly monitors the temperature of your underwater boat light over 2000 times per second.

Do I have to change my bulbs?

No. LED's are light emitting diodes. They are not traditional light bulbs. Each LED has a lifespan of 40,000+ hours. 

What will happen if my lights are on and not in the water?

On the LIFEFORM 9 they will dim down to 25%. They have dual thermal control on them. Once the light has cooled down to a specific point, it will then turn back on to full power. This process will continue automatically as necessary. It is not recommended to run the LIFEFORM 20 out of water for more than a few minutes for testing purposes. However, in the event the light is on and not in the water - it will dim to 40%.

What exactly does the light’s beam angle technology refer to?

For the LIFEFORM 9 underwater LED lights, specifically, the three center LED's use an 18 degree lens creating a concentrated beam of light that penetrates out from the boat. The remaining six outer LED's use a 34 degree lens for wider light dispersion. The LIFEFORM 20 uses a custom reflector that focuses a greater amount of light to the center of beam for light penetration with a generous amount of wider light dispersion.

How does your warranty stack up against the competition?

We stand by the quality, performance, and durability of our products. All Lifeform lights come with a standard two year limited manufacturer's warranty. (The dock lights or boat lights can not be left in frozen water of course during the winter time). 

Do your LIFEFORM LED lights require an external driver?

No, the Ultra Series LIFEFORM 20 and the LIFEFORM 9 Series all have built in drivers.

Do I have to drill a hole in my hull to install your lights?

All LIFEFORM LED products require you to drill a 1/2” hole in the hull for the wire to pass through. 

Can I self-install LIFEFORM LED underwater boat lights?

Yes, self-installation is quick and easy. In fact, many boaters have informed us that they were able to install their lights in under two hours. Please refer to our resources page to view our installation video, and wiring guides. Please note: due to the high power output of the LIFEFORM 20, the light is not reverse polarity protected. This means the positive and negative leads to the light cannot be crossed with the battery. If this happens, the light may short and not be covered under warranty.