LIFEFORM LED Underwater Lights

Who are We?

LIFEFORM LED was founded in 2012 by two long-time friends realized that the marine LED market was experiencing rapid growth, and set out to design an underwater LED boat light that would set new standards for value, efficiency, reliability and performance.  They've utilized all the design history and anti-vibration techniques developed within their successful Night Vision lighting products and integrated them into these durable high intensity underwater LED lights.

The concepts of value and efficiency are the two driving forces behind Lifeform’s design and innovation. They know that boaters want the most lumens for their dollar, and want to use the least amount of power possible to generate the brightest light. 

The company has a highly skilled team of mechanical and electrical engineers driven to guarantee innovative quality and performance. Using state-of-the-art technologies, all products are designed and manufactured in-house right here in the USA.


Made in the USA products

This statement is the essence of the LIFEFORM LED brand. It is the fuel behind the entire LIFEFORM LED product line. By providing leading value, efficiency and aesthetics, LIFEFORM is committed to changing the way boaters think about future of LED boat lighting while providing an economical price for these American made products!