Top 5 Basic Wakeboarding Tricks

Top 5 Basic Wakeboarding Tricks

16th Jan 2015

When it comes to summer fun, not many activities compare to wakeboarding at the lake. Whether you are just getting started, or have been going since you were a kid, everyone wants to get better at this awesome sport each time they go out. If you are looking for a challenge the next time you strap the board on, give some of these tricks a shot. From beginner level to more advanced and technical maneuvers, these are five tricks each wakeboarder should have in their repertoire.

1. How To Cross the Wake

One of the more basic tricks any wakeboarder should know is crossing the wake. The no air wake crossing begins by the rider getting themselves outside of the wake and crossing them both at a slight angle. A key to this is to let the board glide over the surface of the water as much as possible to let the board and the water work together to allow you to cross the wake as smoothly as possible. Absorb the wake with your knees as you go over each one and be sure to stay on an edge the entire way through riding the wake.

2. Ollie

Once you’ve mastered crossing the wake, you’ll be ready to kick things up a notch and get a little air time. The ollie is one of the most basic jump tricks, but it is still a good challenge and a lot of fun. From the angle your board should be at, to weight distribution, to when to pop your board up in the air off of the wake, there are many tips and techniques you’ll need to learn to master the ollie. In an article from, the authors give some great advice and walk through each step in the process of mastering the ollie. You can read the full article here to learn how to nail this trick.

3. Surface Spins

Getting yourself in the air is one thing. Adding some variations to it is another. If you’re starting to venture out into the trick world of wakeboarding, the surface 180 is a great one to add to your arsenal. Balance, stability, weight distribution, control standing sideways, and controlling the handle with one hand; all of these techniques are crucial to mastering surface spins. From, the authors provide some great advice on different spin variations and how to master each one in an article you can find here.

4. Tail Grab

If you are looking for a more advanced trick to add to your arsenal, a tail grab is a great first step after you have mastered the ollie and are getting a good amount of air. In an article from, the author gives a great rundown on approaching the wake and prepping for the jump, how and where to grab the board, how long to hold the board, even tips on taking your grab up a notch for added flair. Everything you need to know on tail grabs can be found in that article here.

5. Jumping the Wake

Once you feel you have mastered all the beginners tricks, you’re probably ready to jump the wake. Getting some air is what every great wakeboarder aspires for and in an article from, the author gives you all the tips you need to properly jump the wake in the safest and funnest way possible. Don’t mistake this trick for an ollie, as this will require much more air than the simple ollie will and should only be attempted when you feel you have completely mastered all other basic tricks. If you think you’re ready to take the next step, the full article can be found here.