LF5 Underwater LED Dock Light Kit (Rear Cable)

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Product Description

Underwater LED Dock Kit - Starter Kit comes with everything you need to install a 4 light starter kit!

Based on the highly rated Lifeform series of underwater lights, the LIFEFORM 5 is the ultimate underwater LED dock light. This five LED configuration dock light starter kit produces intense light output. With special lens technology, the LIFEFORM 5 dock light shines the light both wide and far. It is an awesome addition to any dock and will add a whole new dimension to your dock and summer fun. Not only does the light improve your dock safety, they attract fish, makes night swimming fun, and takes hanging out on the dock at night to a whole new level. You can add additional lights anytime (up to 14) Check out our gallery and video to see what we are talking about!

Complete underwater led Dock Light Kit Solution by LIFEFORM LED LF5 Underwater LED Dock Light - 24vac or DC LF5 Underwater LED Dock Light - 24vac or DC  LF5 Underwater LED Dock Light - 24vac or DCLF5 Underwater LED Dock Light - 24vac or DC One light Kit

The LIFEFORM 5 underwater dock light (currently for freshwater applications) was designed for ease of installation and everything you need to quickly install the dock lighting system is included including the lights, dock brackets, waterproof connectors, cables, and 24Vac transformer.

It is a plug and play system that can be installed quickly! In addition, our dock bracket was especially designed for easy removal of the lights in the winter (for those who have icing lakes) and for easy cleaning. Another feature unique to the LIFEFORM 5 dock light is the use of a small UV LED to aid in repelling algae and any potential invasive species (think zebra mussels) off of the glass face so it is environmentally friendly as well. The LIFEFORM dock light is the way to go if you want to make your dock a highlight of your property!  If you need a Timer or Photo-eye for automatic turn ON/OFF of your dock lights, we suggest getting one from you local electrician or home building store.

Starter Kit Includes:

Additional Lights can be purchased individually and added at any time (up to 14 in total)


Downloadable PDF Guides

Base LED Dock Light Kit - PDF

LF5 Dock Light Kit - PDF

Other Details

24 Vdc or Vac (0.6 Amps @24V) 14.4 Watts
Photo Cell (ON at dark, OFF in the morning)
Life Span:
40,000 Hours (4.5 years continuously Running)
Beam Angle:
2 Lenses @ 18 Degrees, 3 LED's at 110 Degrees
Number of LED's per Light:
5 - Lumens 1190 in White (G=810, B=340) comparable
Other Info:
Reverse Polarity Protected. 100% IP68 Waterproof. Tempered Glass face. Can run off of either 24Vdc or 24Vac

Warranty Information

2 Years on LF5 Lights and Transformer.



  • 4
    nice product

    Posted by Jason on 7th Jun 2016

    So far I am very pleased with the entire system, ease of installation. The only minor issue is that our docks are all stationary and the brackets only get the lights 4-6" below the surface of the water.

  • 5
    Incredible light around dock

    Posted by Chris on 15th Sep 2015

    I installed the 6 light LF5 underwater dock kit from Lifeform on my dock. It was easy to install and Lifeform supplied everything I needed to install the kit. I researched other dock lights but they only supplied the light and bracket which would make their lights much harder to install and once you buy everything you need, they were more expensive than the Lifeform kit. The performance of the lights is incredible and the LED's are high quality, not stuff made in China or plastic. You really have to see it to believe it. The dock system works phenomenal and I think you can see our dock from outer space. It attracts fish and is fun to just watch and hang out on the dock at night which is something we really did not do before we installed the lights. If you want to install underwater lights on your dock, definitely look at Lifeform!

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