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Why Choose the Titan Boat Light Series?

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The Lifeform LED lineup of underwater boat lights is by far one of the best all around products of their kind on the market today.

From the classic Lifeform 6 LED and Lifeform 9 LED lights, these exterior lighting accessories have been lighting up boats for everyone to see for years now.

One of the best products though is easily the Lifeform Titan LED light. A stronger and brighter version than both the Lifeform 9 and 6 models, the Titan is ideal for the boater that likes to take their boat out more aggressively without worrying about anything becoming detached.

Long Lasting Performance

One of the highest quality lighting products on the market today, the Titan LED has an incredible 40,000 hours of light, emitting an impressive 2637 lumens of light. Durability is the name of the game when it comes to the Titan, as the stainless steel body will provide you with easily one of the strongest exteriors out there.

If you are fishing or driving your boat in saltwater, this product is the ideal choice for you over the Lifeform 6 or 9 models as their anodized aluminum body isn't as durable and can break down from the salt over time. If you are boating or fishing in freshwater. the Titan is still an ideal choice for its overall durability and strength.

Available in three different lighting color options to choose from, this is one of the most versatile and ruged lighting options out there. No matter what you love to take your boat out for, everyone will be able to see you with these lights. 

The LED lights are also protected by a tempered glass face, making them far stronger than any traditional plastic usually found in its place. This tempered glass combined with the stainless steel body make it impact resistant so it can withstand any punishment you put it through.

What Boats Is the Titan Suitable For?

This underwater boat light was specifically designed for offshore vessels, and boats used in coastal marine environments. If the boat is permanently submerged, the Titan is a perfect addition. Easily mounting right onto the boat's hull, transom, or other flat surface, you can be out on the water in no time with a discreet and high quality LED light.

Why Should You Choose the Titan?

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to additional lighting for your boat, but the Titan is by far the best option. With an incredible 2,637 lumens of intense LED light, this light is unmatched in overall illumination. With a durable body and full customization, there is no reason to not own a Titan LED.