What is Cable Boarding?

What is Cable Boarding?

11th Feb 2015

There’s nothing like hitting the water with boat and ski’s unless of course, cable boarding is an option. The integration of cable not only yields visual excitement for the spectator but it also allows the enthused skier to hit the water without the accompaniment of a boat or a driver.

This breakout sport has many names including wakeboard, wakeskate, wakesurf and water ski, but keep in mind the origin of it comes from cable skiing. The German engineer Bruno Rixen, who built the first water ski cableway on a lake in Bordesholm, Germany, in 1959, invented Cable skiing. Cable skiing is a way to water ski in which the skier's rope and handle are pulled by an electrically driven cable. The mechanical aspect of it consists of two cables running parallel to one another with carriers between them every 80 meters or roughly about 90-yards. It’s quite the engineered situation that is just as fun to look at as the water sports feats are to watch.

The cable boarding fascination is comparable to what you would find at any exciting sporting event minus the ocean and motorboats. It’s not quite an Olympic sport yet, but if the rising interest in the skill of snowboarding is any indication, I’d say this sport is close in kin and could well be on its way to future invites. How about cable snowboarding? Why not?

It’s no coincidence that accommodating water parks have been gaining popularity all across the United States including several in the states of Texas, Florida and North Carolina. There are at least eight other states that are touting the cable wake park adventures in at least a single location and their patronizing numbers are on the rise.

Everything evolves and if it doesn’t it should or it is destined to become obsolete. No one ever thought water sports would become obsolete and cable boarding proves us right. When Wet n Wild and Hurricane Harbor water parks were born, I submerged myself in the cool flow, but after a few years of dedicating some of the hottest summer days there, I was introduced to wakeboarding. The idea of being pulled behind a motor boat and not having a headset that connects me in conversation with the driver always made me feel uneasy, but I did it anyway because it’s fun and it’s just what the skin needs on an unrelenting hot day.

There are a few things you’ll need to insure that you have a good time cable boarding: sunscreen, towels, your board, sun shades, plenty of friends and at least one of whom will shoot your feat footage.