Top 5 Boats for Wakesurfing

Top 5 Boats for Wakesurfing

24th Feb 2015

#1: MasterCraft X20

Dedicated exclusively for wakesurfing, the X20 is in a class by itself and in this article Kevco writing for, brings us all the awesome information on this incredible boat, and a video of it in action. You probably wouldn’t expect big waves from a boat this size, but it has been specifically designed to create great waves and is priced so you can actually afford it. This awesome wakeboarding boat still has all the creature comforts you’d expect from a MasterCraft, including great seating and plenty of storage. Check out all the great updates and innovations by reading the full article here.

#2: Tige Z3 brings us the latest in wakesurfing boat technology with the Tige Z3. This awesome boat has been engineered to create perfect waves and curls to make your wakesurfing experience that absolute best it can be. The ConvexV hull has been designed with physics and nature in mind to work with the water to create fantastic waves. This destination page gives you plenty of great photographs and explanations on how the Tige Z3 works and videos of it in action. In addition, there are plenty of great add-ons and customizations you can order to make your Tige Z3 just the way you want it. Check out this incredible boat here.

#3: Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV

A full twenty three feet of awesomeness and able to hold fifteen passengers, the Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV is top among wakesurfing enthusiasts and we get the full breakdown of all its benefits on this post by There’s lots to see here, including videos of the boat in action, photos of various options and even a factory tour! If wakesurfing is your thing, then you really will want to get all the details here.

#4: Centurion Enzo SV233

Fresh from the designers, the all new redesigned Enzo SV233 is highlighted in this post on The new Enzo SV233 is loaded with all kinds of fun new options and features. Boasting new performance features that allow pure displacement, creating some of the best wakesurfing boats on the market today. The new design provides world championship level waves on both sides of the boat and an unsurpassed level of wave adjustment ability for the size and shape of the wave you’re trying to create. Get all the details and fantastic videos of this boat in action right here.

#5: Super Air Nautique 210

With years of experience and wakesurfing research on their side, the awesome Super Air Nautique 210 brought to us in this post on, certainly deserves its place in the wakesurfing sun. Incorporating the latest technology and features, and designed by engineers who know wakesurfing, this awesome machine lets you customize your waves on both sides of your boat. The Nautique Surf System allows the wake surfer to perform maneuvers that were heretofore not even a possibility Because the technology to switch the waves size, and shape is now faster than ever, the experienced wake surfer is going to love the options they now have. You can get all the details and videos of this awesome boat in action here.