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Top 3 Awesome Pontoon Boat Accessories

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If a pontoon adventure is in your future, or you’re looking to purchase or upgrade a pontoon boat that you already have, then you’re going to love the fun stuff we’ve found for you. We went to the net to find some of the latest and greatest pontoon boat accessories and these are our top three favorites. From active fun to adding beauty to your pontoon boat experience, you’re going to want to get these great accessories right away.

#1: LED Lights

Whether you need underwater lighting for fishing or diving, you’re going to love these awesome Titan Underwater LED Boat Lights. Designed to be installed flush with your hull easily and quickly, these lights provide some fabulous underwater lighting. Great for a bit of fun diving or for attracting bait fish, these lights come in a choice of blue, white or green and put out some amazing illumination with over 2600 lumens. These tough lights come in a variety of mounting color options as well and are designed to be in the water all the time with no ill effects. These lights are some of the brightest available on the market today and are so energy efficient they draw very little power from your boat. Housed in marine grade steel and sporting a tempered glass face, this awesome LED light is suited for any marine type environment.

#2: Fire Pit

What’s the one thing that would make evening on a pontoon boat even more fun? A fire pit of course! While you may have thought such a luxury would be impossible, particularly in a boat, you’ll be happy to know, these are available and at a cost most anyone can afford. While these babies aren’t meant for roasting marshmallows, they will be perfect for cuddling up and enjoying the nights with. This awesome Pontoon Fire Pit is safe, easy to install, clean burning, and only two inches deep. It’s easy to keep this out of the way when you’re not using it and has dashboard control and a twenty pound LP gas tank which will last for up to twenty hours. You’ll want to get all the details on this awesome fire pit for your pontoon boat upgrade by checking out all the details on

#3: Slide

When you’re on a pontoon boat, water play is what it’s all about. This fabulous Aquaglide Freefall Pontoon Slide with Pump is going to turn your pontoon boat fun meter right off the charts. This inflatable slide comes complete with steps, provides a seven to eight foot vertical drop and provides hours of sliding fun for your family. You’ll want to make sure that your pontoon boat meets the physical requirements to accommodate this slide, but once you’ve done that, installing it is a snap and the fun starts as soon as you finish blowing it up. You can find this fabulous slide right here at