The Ambiance of underwater LED Light

The Ambiance of underwater LED Light

18th Sep 2015

The Ambiance of Light 

Have you ever been to one of those places where it just felt great? Everything was perfect? The location… the food… the drinks… the company… and you set there and enjoyed the day turn into night near the water? I know I have. But I have to tell you a story about one of my favorite places for water sports.

Living in Boise Idaho, we have a magical place called McCall… about 2 hours north. There set in the beautiful forest is Payette Lake. Think of a mini Lake Tahoe. The marina is The Mile High Marina.

I have filled up my boat, jet skis, and those of friends many times at that very spot over the last 20 years. But this summer it was different!!

You can’t imagine how the unbelievable beauty of this setting went to a new level when I visited the first time after the marina had installed the Lifeform LED LF 5 Underwater Dock light kit! It was nothing short of amazing….

The blue… the green…. All set in a perfect summer evening sunset. I must have taken 20 pictures with my phone. Well lucky for all of us, the company, Lifefrom LED based in Boise, took a ton of photos and even did a video with a drone showing all of us… “The Ambiance of Light”.

Imagine your favorite location?? Maybe it is your own place. Maybe it is a restaurant, dock, or park. Maybe it is your parents place… or that one super successful friend who has not forgotten his friends and buddies. Or maybe it is your boss or company that has the special place that many get to enjoy…

You have to imagine and visualize what it would look like if you or they installed the Lifeform LED LF5 Underwater Dock Light kit!!! What would it feel like to sit there and watch the water glow as the sun sets? Imagine what drink would you have in your had? Wine? A Mai Tai? Who would be standing or sitting with you??

Now as you look down at the warm glow… you might be taken to a far off tropical location given the color of the water… you might begin to see fish and wild life of all types and think, “… OMG WOW!!”

It is just as fun and beautiful behind your boat too… check out the Lifeform LED underwater boat lights… imagine surfing or wakeboarding behind that beautiful glowing light… How would you feel? How long would you stay out on the water? What would your friends think of “Your Boat”? Who would you invite? Sounds fun… well get them installed and enjoy the beauty of underwater LED’s on your boat!

I am guessing the troubles at work would melt away…. And the “who cares”… I’m on vacation thoughts would come to your mind… Now imagine if this was right there in your own back yard? Your own dock? Your favorite restaurant, or your place…. Feeling pretty good now…???

Do me a favor and to be honest a favor for yourself, take about 2 minutes and get your mind wrapped around the beauty we enjoy here in Idaho… because this could be you in Minnesota, or Florida, or Texas, Seattle, Miami, Tampa, the Carolinas… Really just about anywhere… for now… enjoy and imagine “The Ambiance of Light” at your place…

Cheers from Boise….