Summer Wakeboarding Destinations

Summer Wakeboarding Destinations

Lifeform LED on 23rd Mar 2017

With summer right around the corner it is time for everyone to get out on the water and do some wakeboarding. Sure, your local lake may be a great place to go but sometimes it’s time for a change of scenery. Here are 10 wakeboarding destinations in the United States that any avid wakeboarder should get out to.

Lake Shasta:

To start off this list we head to Lake Shasta which is located in Shasta County, California. At a surface area of over 30,000 acres it is California’s largest reservoir and is hugely popular for all things recreation. It has multiple marinas, its own wakeboarding academy, and even hosted the first “Boardstock” event in 1996 and continued to host it until 1999. Sometimes this lake is busy, but many serious boarders will wait until all the “day trippers” leave for the best glassy surface conditions which is usually around 6 P.M.

Night Surfing with Lifeform LED Wailua River:

To continue we go South-West to a small group of island in the middle of the Pacific, otherwise known as Hawaii. The Wailua River, a 20 mile stretch near the East coast of Kauai. This river is known for its great views of the rainforest and the waterfalls on the river. Boarding here means that you are boarding through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the United States. This truly is one of the greatest wakeboarding destinations you can find.

Lake Austin:

Now we head back to the lower 48, specifically Texas. Here we find Lake Austin, a reservoir on the Colorado River that was created in 1939. At a surface area of just about 1,600 sq. acres Lake Austin isn’t the biggest reservoir out there but is a nice one for wakeboarding. It has a reputation of having a very relaxed vibe which is perfect for a nonchalant day of boarding out on the lake. This party centric lake is perfect for a fun day of wakeboarding on the lake.

Suwanee River:

The Suwanee River in Florida and Georgia is a great wakeboarding destination. Home for many years to the Rockstar Wakeskate Pro Tour this 246 mile river has attracted many of the biggest names in wakeboarding and part of it is practically in the Suwanee Pro reigning champ, Nick Taylor’s, backyard. This has also been home to many music gatherings such as the Magnolia Festival and SpringFest. This spot truly should be on every wakeboarders bucket list.

Lake Michigan:

Making an unlikely appearance on this list, Lake Michigan, one of the great lakes, is actually a great place to wakeboard. Though it freezes over during the winter in the summer it can be awesome, boarding with the Chicago skyline just in the distance. With a surface area of just under 23,000 miles there are plenty of opportunities to get away from other people. Even though it’s an unexpected place, everyone who likes wakeboarding should check it out.

Fun Destination Ideas:

-Lake Powell(Utah)

-Lake Shasta(California)

-Lake Havasu(Arizona)

-Blue Lake(Florida)

-Wailua River(Hawaii)

-Lake Tahoe(California/Nevada)

-Canyon Lake(California)

-Table Rock Lake(Missouri)

-Lake Austin(Texas)

-Lake Allatoona(Georgia)

-Dale Hollow Lake(Kentucky/Tennessee)

-Suwannee River(Florida/Georgia)

-Chain of Wakes(Florida)

-Lake Mead(Nevada/Arizona)

-Lake Lure(North Carolina)

-Radar Lake(Washington)

-Lake Dunlap(Texas)

-Colorado River

-Bow Lake(Washington)

-Lake Michigan