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Set Up Your Boat for Wakesurfing

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If you are a wakesurfer, setting up your boat properly is the key to the best experience possible for your time on the water. From the type of boat you are using, weight distribution, the type of ballast you have, and more, there are a plethora of factors you must take into account in order to set up your boat to the best possibly specifications. All these features and more will work together to provide you with the best wakes for surfing.

The type of boat you have is one of the most important things in your wakesurfing experience as certain vessels are specifically designed to create a better wake for the sport than others. It is very important to only wakesurf behind an inboard direct drive boat or inboard V-drive boat. These kind of boats do not have exposed propellers which make them far safer than a traditional inboard/outboard wakeboarding boat that does have an exposed propeller.

Properly weighting the boat is the next most important thing when trying to create the ideal wakes for your wakesurfing excursions. As a general rule, the more weight that is in the back, the higher and shorter the wake will be, while the wake will be long in length and short in height if the weight is more distributed in the front. The more weight you have on the sides of the boat, the larger the wake will be on that side. Once you find the perfect balance, your rider can find that perfect wake. One of the best ways to distribute and account for weight is where you have your passengers placed. Much of this tends to depend on the boat's design, as some work better with the passengers dispersed evenly, while others are better on the sides. The more weight you have, the less ballast you need.

Speaking of ballast, the factory ballast is one of the most important things to take into account for when creating a large enough wake. To create the ideal wake for wakesurfing, more weight will need to be distributed in the back of the boat, a feature that sometimes won't be standard with a factory ballast system. Be aware of what kind of power your ballast system is putting out so you can make the necessary adjustments like placing more passengers in the rear or introducing heavier ballast bags to the back of the boat to weigh it down.

All these elements and more factor into creating the ideal wake, so it is important to assess your situation and equipment when going out and wakesurfing. If you follow these simple tips, you can create the perfect wake every time.