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New Bass Record You Won't Believe!

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Many anglers dream of reeling in a world record, but few can ever make it happen. Dreams became reality for one fisherman in January when Timothy Little hauled in the biggest spotted bass recorded in over a decade. while fishing at New Bullard Bar Reservoir in Yuba County, California, Little brought in the incredible 10.38 pound spotted bass, breaking the record of 10.25 pounds, caught by Brian Shishido in 2001 at Pine Flat Lake in Fresno County, California.

One of the most popular spots in Northern California to catch spotted bass, the Bullard Bar Resevoir has been providing massive fish for years. Touted as the "best spotted bass fishery in the world" by one of the most famous tournament fishermen ever, Gary Dobyns, the reservoir is expected to continue producing large spotted bass this year according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. With more fish on the way, there is a real chance this record could be broken again sooner, rather than later.