Items to consider for LED Underwater Lighting

Items to consider for LED Underwater Lighting

Lifeform LED on 13th May 2016

We have many customers call and ask us about the advantages of using LEDs for boat lighting, what colors they should choose, how many lights to install etc.. There are many features that make LED lights superior for underwater led boat and dock lighting. Here are some items to consider.


LED’s have no filaments in them to stretch, burn, or flex when bumped. LED’s are solid state semiconductors that now days produce an incredible amount of light per watt of power. This is one of the biggest reasons boaters around the world like LED lighting for their boat lighting. This translates to; they use less power than a conventional bulb, which LED Boat Lightingmeans - no need to worry about draining the boat’s battery! LED boat lights typically have a lifespan between 40,000 – 50,000 hours. This equates to 4.5 years of continual light output.


LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations, and heavy impacts making them perfect for underwater led boat 

Titan Underwater LED Light

lighting.Let’s face it, there are some big wakes being created out there on the local lakes! In fact, LED light technology has allowed LIFEFORM LED to manufacture new underwater LED dock lights that are impact resistant, and perfectly suited for all dock settings.


We offer several color options, as well as aluminum grade lights for fresh water application and Stainless Steel grade lights for tough ocean environments. While it’s true we sell more “Blue” lights than any other color, we still have customers that enjoy Green lights, some that like White lights, and most recently we’ve added a Red option which is hard to find from other manufactures. In terms of how many to install, most people order two to three lights for their boats. In the end, it’s truly is a matter of personal preference.

It’s an Investment?

Yes the boating industry seems to always have a “high cost” associated with it, but boating does provide hours of LED Dock Lights

entertainment for family and friends. Why not get more out of your investment by having some extremely bright underwater LED lights. Even if you’re just docked at your favorite cove toward the end of the day, the lighted water behind your boat provides an incredible ambiance to enjoy. This extra extension of your day helps to get more hours out of your boating season.

We understand it’s an investment to have Marine lighting and that’s why we strive to build exceptionally high quality lights. Our lights are very competitively priced - every light we produce is machined, every circuit board is critically inspected and tested, and every light uses a solid piece of Glass (not plastic) for the light’s surface. But most importantly they are all manufactured and assembled here in our facility located in the USA. If you could hold a stainless steel TITAN light or an LF9 lights in your hand right now, you would truly see and feel the quality of our LIFEFORM LED products.

Why LED lights?

Blue Underwater LED Lights

There is a reason thousands of boaters across the US have adopted underwater LED boat and dock lighting for automatic on/off control. Each of our kits can be customized if needed, or added to if you decide to install more lights down the It provides greater efficiency, durability, and longevity. We’ve continued with that effort this year by providing new Underwater LED Dock Light kits on our site. If you own a nice dock, imagine what it would be like to have the surrounding water illuminated in green or blue while hardly using any power at all. We provide an easy kit that contains everything you need to install it yourself if you would like. Lights, cables, and power supply with a dawn/dusk photocell 

Enjoy your evening hours more and we would greatly appreciate you considering Lifeform LED for your next underwater light purchase!