Is this the right wakeboard for me?

Is this the right wakeboard for me?

30th Jun 2015

While it may not seem like much on the surface, the wakeboard is a very intricately detailed piece of equipment that has many features which factor into its function. Understanding each of these elements is key to selecting the right board for you. From material, shape, size, and weight, there are plenty of things to think about when picking out the perfect board and doing your research is important in the purchasing process. If you are picking out a board and are feeling slightly lost, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to find the perfect board for your needs.

One of the first things to figure out when shopping for a wakeboard is to find the one that is the correct size for you. Matching the board up correctly with your height and weight is crucial is finding the right board. If it is too short and light, it will sink when you are on it and you won't get the correct performance. In contrast, as board that is too long or heavy will not allow you to get a good snap off the top of the wave and hinders your performance on the board greatly.

The length of a board will also factor into your skill level and what kind of riding you are looking to get on the water. Many shorter boards are specifically designed to aerobatics and top of the line performance. While they are slightly slower due to less area covering the water, they are much easier to maneuver and handle, making them ideal for those in the competitive fields.

On the other hand, a longer board is perfect for the rider who is just getting started in wakeboarding and is looking to get up easily. These boards are much easier to ride right off the bat and glide across the water much more smoothly. The downside to these boards is they are much heavier, making them a little more difficult to work and get up in the air is that is what you are looking for in your wakeboarding experience.

Another important factor to take into account when selecting a board is the shape that it possesses. Different curves on the bottom of the board will equate to different performance and feel. The continuous rocker for example, has more curve to it, creating a smoother ride that make landing off the wake easier. Other boards such as three stage and five stage rockers is ideal for a more aggressive rider looking to get more lift and snap off the top of a wake.

All these factors and more will play into finding the perfect wakeboard for you, so doing your research is key to success. Know your skill level and what kind of riding you are looking for and you can find the board of your dreams in no time.