How to Make Your Dock the Coolest on the Lake

How to Make Your Dock the Coolest on the Lake

28th Jul 2015

LIFEFORM LED Dock system

While boating in the day time might be fun, nothing matches the excitement and thrill of boating at night. Whether you are wakesurfing or simply going out for an after hours drive, having quality underwater boat lights are essential for keeping you and others on the water safe, while also providing an outstanding aesthetic touch.

For the boater that has their own dock near the shore, one of the best investments you can make for your boating experience is by investing in a dock light. For the highest quality product available on the market today, look no further than the LF5 Underwater LED Dock Light Kit from Lifeform LED.


Arguably the highest quality product of its kind available, this outstanding model is ideal for those looking to light up their dock so they can either find it better when coming in from the water at night or just for hanging out at the end of your dock. This fantastic product is based on the top of the line set of underwater boat lights from Lifeform LED and is specifically designed for your dock so that you and others around can see it from a great distance. Whether you have your boat docked in a marina or simply have your own dock back by your cabin on the lake, this is perfect product for you so boats can see your spot from far and wide.

This model is currently only ideal for freshwater application and is one of the simplest to install to your dock. This spectacular jut comes complete with lights, dock brackets, waterproof connectors, cables, a timer, and a 24Vac transformer. Just as simple as it is to install to the dock, this light can also be quickly removed for either cleaning or for those who have their dock in an area that gets very cold in the winter.

These lights are also one of the versatile around when it comes to selecting the right one for your needs and the style you want. Available in any combination like a 6-count setup, 8-count, or 12-count, you can mix or match each kit in either a bright blue or a bright green. No matter where on the dock you place these lights, other boats are sure to see it from all around.


Why You Should Have the LF5

Besides being one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and highest quality products of its kind on the market today, the LF5 underwater LED dock light kit from Lifeform LED is also very environmentally friendly.

With the ability to ward off algae and other invasive species with the use of a small UV LED light, this product is also safe enough for fish to swim right up to its tempered glass face to ensure their overall well being.

If you have a dock that you like to night swim near or go out night boating from, the LF5 underwater dock light is a must have.