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How to Have a Pontoon Boat Party

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Parties are fun. Parties on a boat, are automatically way more fun. If you have a pontoon boat, you instantly have the perfect party hub at your disposal to throw the best get-together every time you take it out for a spin. With the ideal combination of form and function, these boats can accommodate a larger group of people than other traditional boats can, making it the perfect location for your next get together. If you own a pontoon and are considering using it for your next gathering, here are some great tips and tricks to throwing the best party possible on board.

Creating the right atmosphere is arguably the most important party to throwing the perfect party on board a pontoon. From 4th of July holidays, to Cinco de Mayo, there are a plethora of different themes you can take advantage of when hosting your boat shindig. You can never go wrong with a Fiesta or Hawaiian themed event, so explore some different options and see what fits best for you and your guests.

Decorations are a key element to focus on when throwing your party as well. These will help create that desired atmosphere for your party and can be an excellent talking point throughout the night. Try and stay away from glass products as these can be rocked on the boat and easily knocked off, creating a dangerous mess. Plastic cups and plates to accommodate your cuisine are a great alternative and will help with easier cleanup when all is said and done. If you are really trying to keep the water theme going with your decor, opt for hanging fishing nets and other decorations that are blue and white to keep the aquatic feel going.

When it comes to entertaining your guests, food is a must have and needs to be great for the party to be a success. Veggie and fruit trays are always a hit during a get together and you will never sad about having this leftover after a party. If you are preparing dinner or some kind of hot meal, make sure it is either consistently warm or refrigerated if it is not being consumed at the time. No one wants food to go bad as you can have a sick group of people on your hands.

Above all, never forget the safety aspect of throwing a party on a boat. Before setting off, be sure you have an adequate amount of life vests for your guests, and that you have a first aid kit on deck and can locate it quickly.

Throwing a pontoon party can create one of the most memorable gatherings you ever have. If you follow some of these simple tips, your pontoon party is guaranteed to be a success!