Going Night Boating?

Going Night Boating?

7th Jul 2015

Summer is upon us and it's officially the perfect time to get the boat out on the water.

Unfortunately, there are many other boaters who have the same thought as your on their mind as the temperature rises, which can make for a busy lake or reservoir.

One of the more fun alternatives to beating the crowds to the water is to opt for night boating. While this can be an exciting time to boat, there are many safety precautions to account for to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Safety Precautions

Night boating is by far one of the best experiences you can have with a boat. The calm water on a warm summer evening is unbeatable whether you are just going for a ride or pulling a wakesurfer.

One of the biggest things to focus on when preparing to night boat is not only that you are able to see around you, but that you can easily be seen by other boaters. Quality accessory lighting, such as the Lifeform 9 LED light which produces 2637 lumens of incredible LED light can easily identify you to other boaters out on the water.

Even when pulling a wakesurfer behind your boat who is well lit by a pair of underwater boat lights, taking it slow and steady should still be the name of the game. Try and keep your boat under the speeds that you would normally be topping out at during the day. A safe cruising speed is key. You should also be sure that you are communicating well with your passengers and wakesurfer to be sure everyone is safe and comfortable during the ride.

Why You Should Boat at Night

If all safety precautions are taken care of and you are boating smartly, night boating is quite arguably far more fun than boating during the day. You might not get the heat from the sun during your ride, but there is nothing like the glow of a boat cruising across the dark surface.

One of the best ways to set your boat up for a good time on the water at night is with high quality underwater LED boat lights. The Lifeform 9 LED light is the perfect accessory for any boat that takes regular trips at night. With one of the most efficient lighting setups on the market today, you can illuminate your boat and your rider in the water for hours on end.

For the boaters that enjoy listening to music, a set of WetSounds Rev-10 speakers with LED Rings and the RGB controller are the perfect addition for quality sound and some added lighting.

By following a few of these simple tips and tricks, you can have one of the best setups for night boating around.