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Featured Rider: Maxine Sapulette

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Introducing Maxine Charlyn Sapulette! Maxine, or “Max,” as her friends like to call her, is a member of the Jobe International Wakeboard team. She joined the team in 2005 and has achieved amazing results thus far including taking 1st place in the World Wakeboard Association (WWA) Kick a Cloud Obstacle Jam in 2012, becoming the king of the kicker. Then, she took 3 rd place in the WWA Wake Park World Series in 2013 and 2nd place in the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) World Cup in Beijing, China in 2013. Finally, she is a 3-time WWA Wake Park World Champion! How amazing is that? But these results aren’t even her most recent: Most recently, Maxine placed 1st in the National Dutch Championships for 2014 and 1st in the IWWF World Cup in Beijing for 2014. This girl is a winner!

Maxine currently lives in the Camsur Water Complex (CWC) in the Philippines. She’s Dutch and has been riding since 2003. Along with wakeboarding, Maxine also coaches wakeboarding and is a barentertainer in her very brief spare time. Maxine has amazing shredding skills and freely shows her love of adventure (target practice, anyone?) and life. She’s also a member of the Republic Wake Team and is known as one of the best female riders in cable wakeboarding! She’s awesome to watch if you catch any of her videos.

Now, if you ask Maxine, she’ll tell you that she’s obsessed with corn and dogs. Not necessarily corn dogs, but we didn’t ask her about those, specifically. She likes noodle soup and spaghetti as well if you were curious about her food choices. If Maxine had her way, she’d live in a house full of dogs of all breeds and sizes. She’s always willing to make people laugh, and that often happens when she burps out loud in public or at home. Or at anyone else’s home. You gotta be free, right? Now, let’s be honest, sometimes the burping annoys people, but Maxine can get it under control. She just gets these sudden, spontaneous ideas when she’s bored, and she jumps on them! Like tattoos! Except the ones she has to get if she loses a Jokers challenge…

Maxine is all about excitement, so when she’s not wakeboarding or entertaining, she’s at home with the TV or some sort of music on in the background. Noise can be inspiring and comforting and it feeds the senses: This is what happens when you have creative Pisces as your zodiac sign. Maxine loves music and will listen to a song that she likes on repeat just to learn the lyrics. Maxine is used to a lot of outside sensory stimulation because she is the youngest of 10 kids! What a family! She’s also a great emcee, scavenger hunt enthusiast, and raft builder—ask her to show you sometime. She does some really awesome raleys, although her favorite tricks include the Switch Mobe and the TS Backside 5 kicker. Maxine is definitely the girl to watch in cable wakeboarding.