Featured Rider: Jaqualine Fort

Featured Rider: Jaqualine Fort

3rd Mar 2015

Jaqualine Fort is not your typical professional wakesurfer. Ever since she was a kid, Fort has set herself aside from the pack and made a name for herself. The Connecticut born and raised product isn't like most people who learned how to surf on the open ocean. No, Fort harnessed her skills on the open waters of the lakes of Florida after moving there when she turned 18.

After attending the University of Connecticut for a semester, Fort decided she was done with the snow and the cold. She already had her mind set on moving to Florida one day, so she packed up her bags and left for the sunshine state. Already a proficient watersport enthusiast, Fort quickly began to master the sport of wakesurfing and was competing just a couple years after moving there in 2007. Since then, she has been ranked in the top two of nearly every competition she has entered, making her one of the most prominent wakesurfers in the world.

In 2013, Fort made headlines when she became pregnant with her and her husband's first child, and continuing to wakesurf. While many women are told to keep the physical activity up so long as it is not too high risk or impact. Not many would consider wakesurfing behind a high speed boat, making Fort one of the most unique and bold individuals out there.

Fort received a lot of criticism for continuing to wakesurf while being over 30 weeks pregnant. Fort had a lot of justifications for here decision to keep participating in her sport and stuck by what she said. With the boat only traveling 10-12 mph, combined with Fort's six years of extensive, high level experience and competition, she felt completely safe to continue participating in here high intensity watersport without putting herself or her baby in harm's way. Continuing to compete late into her pregnancy, Fort had two jet skis following her on the water in case anything were to happen.

When Fort isn't out tearing it up on the lake, you can usually find her doing some ocean surfing, exercising, or playing beach volleyball with her husband. One of her other passions is to make homemade crafts by sewing and painting.

Clearly one of the strongest wakesurfers in the world, Fort is a great face of the sport for everyone involved. Not being afraid to try new things and back down from a challenge, Fort is one of the most unique people in the watersport community.