Featured Rider: Cory Teunissen

Featured Rider: Cory Teunissen

3rd Feb 2015

Cory Teunissen is one of the hottest names in wakeboarding. Born September 29, 1997 in Brisbane, Australia, he's already won two Wakeboard World Championships, the most recent of which was last year at the Rockstar WWA. What's even more impressive, however, is that Cory was able to complete a wicked Switch Toeside Wake to Wake 1080 when he was just 15 years old. This move alone gained him enormous credibility in the wakeboarding scene, cementing his name as a leading up and comer.

Nicknamed "Corbo," Cory began wakeboarding when he was just 6 years old. The Brisbane native learned the sport from his dad, who purchased Cory his first wakeboard as a birthday present.

Video: Cory Teunissen Switch Ts Wake 2 Wake 1080

Check out the video above to see Teunissen perform a Switch Toeside Wake to Wake 1080-degree rotation while in mid-air. The 10-second video shows Cory performing a solid 1080 while still being able to complete the landing. Whether you're a wakeboard fan or not, you're sure to appreciate the exception skill presented by Cory in this clip.

Parks Bonifay may hold the title of being the first person to pull off a 1080, but Cory was able to achieve this feat at the young age of 15. That makes him the youngest perform to perform a 1080.

Cory's brother Brad and team member Bec Gange pulled Cory into the Switch Toeside Wake to Wake 1080 using a SA550. Reports indicate that Cory was being pulled at roughly 23.2 miles per hours, with a line length of 72 feet. The SA550 was weighted with 60% ballast in the rear, 20% in the bow, and the remaining 20% in the midship.

During an interview, Cory said he didn't actually think about landing the move until it was done. " It actually didn't sink in that I landed one until about 20 minutes later when we had just come off the boat and were packing everything up. When I finally had some time to myself and to relax, it clicked that I landed a 10. But personally I am just pumped to be able to say that I have landed one as I have been looking up to Danny, Rusty and all of those guys that have been doing them for years ,” said Cory after becoming the world's youngest person to pull off a 1080.

 In addition to wakeboarding, Cory also participates in wakesurfing and rugby. Cory is sponsored by O'Brien, Red Bull, Supra and Jet Pilot.