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LIFEFORM 6 Underwater LED Boat Light

  • LIFEFORM 6 Underwater LED light - no Skin.  This light can be fitted with optional "Skin" colors at any time!
  • LF-6 or LF-9 Side Profile View | LIFEFORM LED
  • A pair of red underwater boat lights on the back of a nice boat!
  • Wake boat with Blue underwater LIFEFORM LED Lights
  • Boat wake lighted with Green underwater LIFEFORM LED lights
  • Boat with three Red LIFEFORM-6 mounted on the transom
  • Available Skin Color Options for the LIFEFORM series of underwater LED lighting products.
  • Wakeboarder standing on white ice with LIFEFORM LED lights
  • The LIFEFORM 6 - Blue underwater LED boat light installed on the back of a customer's boat.
  • The LIFEFORM 6 underwater boat light installed with a "Coral Red" Skin color option chosen.
  • The LIFEFORM 6 - Red underwater boat light installed on customer's boat.

Product Description

SALE  - Limited Quantity available while supplies last! Being discontinued. 

The LIFEFORM 6 (part of our Ultra Series) is a six LED configuration underwater LED boat light. It produces a light output of 1,428 lumens, and draws 1.4amps@12Vdc. This lumen/amp ratio makes the LIFEFORM 6 one of the most efficient underwater boat lights on the market, drawing less power from the boat per lumen of light output than the competition. Boaters stay brighter, for longer.

The LIFEFORM 6 was designed for trailered boats - wake boats, bass boats or any other inshore vessel that is not permanently submerged. The light can be paired with LIFEFORM’s unique interchangeable skins - bright dip anodized aluminum rings that can be added to LIFEFORM 6 and LIFEFORM 9 underwater boat lights. The skins come in five different color options, designed to match the exterior hull of the boat. This ensures that the lights look great in and out of the water.

For boaters with permanently submerged ocean vessels, or heavy use coastal marine areas please see our TITAN series.  

Similar to the LIFEFORM 9, the LIFEFORM 6 is constructed with a tempered glass face (superior to commonly used plastic polycarbonate lenses) housed in a marine grade anodized aluminum body, making it 100% waterproof and impact resistant.

This underwater boat light’s unique beam angle technology provides strong light penetration and dispersion. It is configured with two rows of LEDs. Each row (either top or bottom) can be controlled to be either on or off (to control power consumption), or depending on the light’s wiring configuration  both rows can be turned on together. This allows two different rows of color to be blended together (green/red) depending upon which light is ordered and how it is wired. This color blend technology provides versatility, and generates a unique underwater lighting experience.

The LIFEFORM  6 has several color options to choose from. The LEDs have a lifespan of 40,000+ hours. It mounts directly to the transom, hull, or any flat surface for optimal underwater illumination. The LIFEFORM 6 has the same drill size and pattern as the LIFEFORM 9 underwater LED boat light.

It can be self-installed in under two hours. If you have more questions, please see our FAQ page.

made-in-usa-4c.jpgThe LIFEFORM 6 is proudly made in the USA and comes with a two year warranty.

Installation Guide

Other Details

12-24 Vdc (1.4A Amps full power/0.7 amps dimmed @ 12 Vdc) 16.5 Watts
Number of LED's:
Beam Angle:
18-34 Degree Beam Angle
Life Span:
40,000 Hours (4.5 years continuously running)
4 inches round by 0.73" deep
Tested 200 feet below water
LED Color Options:
Exterior Anodized Colors:
Other Info:
Reverse Polarity Protected, 100% waterproof IP-68 compliant, High Grade Anodized Aluminum, Impact Resistant, Strong tempered glass, No Visible Mounting holes if used with Skin.

Product Videos

Night Surfing Underwater LED Lights by Lifeform LED 02:11

The best in underwater LED boat lights by Lifeform LED. Checkout wake boarding, surfing and swimming with the amazing and powerful glow of the Lifeform 9 underwater LED lights. Add them to your boat and make everyone else jealous! www.lifeformled.com

  • Night Surfing ...
    The best in underwater LED boat lights by Lifeform LED. Checko...

Product Reviews

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  1. Light Em Up 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2015

    Great Product, well designed. If you research marine lights, there's no quality like this. Light up a lake near you.

  2. LIght up the night! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Aug 2014

    Best words to describe this product: simple, elegant, and precision designed. I installed two of these (blue) lights on a Friday morning... Saturday night I was literally lighting up the lake. They worked exactly as the product information described them to be. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a well-made product. I anticipate they will last a very long time. Now, if I could just get some LifeForm T-Shirts - I'd enjoy promoting a well-made product.

  3. Dual Underwater lights 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2013

    When I went looking in the market for LED lights, I came across LifeForm and after comparing with other products I decided to buy 2. One of the deciding factors was the fact that the LED 6 has 2 in one lights (each row of LEDs can be turned on/off independently). They were very easy to install and once I got the boat in the water, I was extremely happy with the lights brightness and ability to blend colors.
    In fact we are so pleased that we have become the Australian Distributors for the lights.

Warranty Information

2 year limited manufacturers warranty for LIFEFORM 6 Products.