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Featured Rider: Phil Soven

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World renowned wakeboarder Phil Soven is widely regarded as one of the most successful and naturally talented wakeboarders of the past two decades. No matter what event he enters, he is a threat to take home the crown every time. No matter what the weather conditions, competition, level of difficulty, Soven has always been performing at the top of the pack. At age 26, Soven is still pressing to be the best in the world each and every time he gets into the water. Big board changes in the last year have had him in the wakeboarding news as of late, but he hopes to be in the news for adding to his trophy case.

Since turning professional when he was only 11 years old, the Florida native has been turning heads and impressing fans and judges with his innovative moves and always consistent performances. Nicknamed the "Iceman", he has been one of the coolest and most clutch competitors in the history of the sport, taking home the world championships a pair of times, as well as winning the King of Wake and the Pro Tour. Soven shattered the record books and blew us all away when he became the first rider in the history of competitive wakeboarding to take home the Pro Tour title, the King of Wake title, and the WWA World Series crown all in the same year when he accomplished the incredible feat in 2007. A podium staple, Soven is one of the winningest wakeboarders in history.

One of the biggest things that sets Soven apart from his competitors is his unmatched will to win. This desire and passion has led him to several wins in events where maybe he wasn't on his A game. That will to win has earned him the reputation as one of the best all around riders in the history of the sport, a title that is well deserved. "My favorite part about riding is just the challenge of it... You can't really make any mistakes... I just like the stress level of it," Soven has said in an interview before the 2015 season. While some people may fold and collapse under the pressure, Soven really seems to thrive on it and take his game to another level, making him virtually unbeatable when he is completely on top of his A game.

As far as wakeboarding success goes, Soven is the definition of it. At such a young age still, we still may have many more accomplishments to witness from this incredible wakeboarder.